About MCA

MCA has operated as a registered investment advisor since September 2005. Founder and President Mike Damas brings more than 25 years of research, trading and risk management experience to the table as he works with each client to assess their needs and devise the appropriate investment plan.

Mike was joined by former investment banking colleauge Paul Cucchissi in January 2008. With 25 years of product structuring and marketing expertise, Paul brings complementary experience to MCA.

Our client relationship runs deeper than just helping you develop an investment plan. We take the time to develop a long-term relationship that encompasses your entire well being – helping you protect your family and lifestyle and dealing with the unexpected as it arises. Each client’s needs are unique and are treated as such.

What makes us Different?

Our core operating principles dictate our actions and separate us from the competition:

  • Discipline – invest client assets in a methodical and consistent manner. We utilize long-standing academic portfolio theory, combined with our years of broad industry and client-service experience.
  • Balance – create tax- and cost-efficient portfolios for each client based on their unique personal, professional and investment circumstances. We understand the need to balance preservation of capital with the desire for growth of capital.
  • Perspective – combine our capital markets experience, honed on Wall Street, with realism and sensibility – and carry it out one client at a time.

We are independent and objective, with no ties to product providers that could influence our actions.