What does “Fee-Only” Investment Advisor mean?

“Fee-Only” means that our compensation is limited to being paid a percentage of assets under management or, in the case of a consultancy relationship, an hourly or fixed fee. Importantly, we are not allowed to collect commissions or subscription fees based on investments done on your behalf. This ensures objectivity and drastically reduces conflicts of interest when managing your portfolio.

More details on this can be found in our FORM ADV that is filed with the SEC. Click here to download.

Will MCA hold my assets directly?

No. MCA is not the custodian of client assets – we merely establish institutional accounts for our clients and obtain authority (discretion) to arrange your portfolio investments. MCA does not have the authority to remove or transfer funds from client accounts, unless expressly authorized by client.

Will I be required to move my investment assets to another custodian?

Possibly. We have reviewed custodial firms and currently find Schwab Institutional and Fidelity Investments to be the best firms for our clients. These two firms are industry leaders, have solid reputations and provide substantial account security.

Should we find other custodians able to provide better service, convenience, or cost, we would consider establishing a relationship with that firm for our clients. MCA does not obtain any compensation from either custodial firm.

Do you accept clients who live outside Maryland?

Yes. We remain in close contact with out-of-state clients with teleconferences and visits when we are in their area. We are always available to clients on an as-needed basis. The most important element of a successful advisor-client relationship is a mutual appreciation for the investment approach we utilize.

How does MCA ensure confidentiality?

Privacy is of the utmost concern to us. We have strict internal confidentiality policies and employ data security measures to safeguard client information. We never mention to others who our clients are, with the exception of those clients that are willing to provide references to others.