Our Clients

MCA serves a select group of clients – high net worth individuals and families, family offices and retirement plans and trusts – who appreciate our personal, hands-on approach and our disciplined investment process.

We understand that our approach may not appeal to all investors. MCA’s established client relationships are well-represented with:

  • Attorneys and Trusts
  • Successful Entrepreneurs
  • University Educators
  • Former Wall Street Traders
  • Qualified / 401(k) plans

What do our clients have in common?

  • A minimum of $1 million in investable assets
  • A willingness to take the time to develop an Investment Policy Statement
  • An appreciation of the value of our “Passive Management” approach
  • An understanding that stock-picking and market-timing are ineffective strategies for generating consistent returns
  • An ability to ignore periodic market gyrations, while patiently allowing the portfolio to do what it is designed to do
  • Value a partner who uses a holistic approach in managing wealth and works closely with their trusted legal and tax advisors
  • Appreciate the importance of an advisor that is independent and objective

We are proud to be a small boutique-like firm, which allows us the time to consult with clients – to be their “sounding board” – on a myriad of issues both related and unrelated to their investment portfolios.

Growth almost exclusively through client referrals is a testament to our successful partnerships with clients in providing a complete wealth management solution.