Consulting Process

Our time-tested consulting process ensures that we have a full understanding of you and your goals – both personal and financial – from the onset of our relationship.

  • Discovery and Assessment – It is important that we get to really know each other. We take the requisite time to gain an understanding of your personal and financial goals and we review your current investment portfolio and assess if it is tax efficient, risk appropriate, properly diversified and being managed in a cost effective manner.
  • Creation of Investment Policy Statement – Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a written document that incorporates your risk tolerance, liquidity needs and other constraints. It also helps ensure a mutual understanding of your goals and our portfolio management approach.
  • Investment Plan Design and Implementation – Once you have approved your IPS, we design and implement an investment portfolio designed to meet your stated goals.
  • On-Going Monitoring and Evaluation – We review your IPS and your portfolio performance with you regularly and generate detailed quarterly reports. Appropriate changes are made to your IPS and portfolio if your financial situation or objectives change.